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When you have a document you need to be sure is
I also offer
proofreading services.

When employing my proofreading services, you will be assured of accurate punctuation, correct spelling and grammar, as well as a timely turnaround.

Please contact me with your specific project needs for appropriates rates.

Your hard work should not be disturbed by incorrect grammar and misspelled words,
as these errors can be a distraction to clients and colleagues alike.

I am available to aid you in these areas:

  • Proofreading from your DigitalCat system, .rtf file or ASCII file
  • Correcting via errata sheet or right in the document
  • Using DigitalCAT software
  • Reading steno notes and having a good command of the English language
  • Legal proofreading dedicated to your success
  • Proofreading Word docs and using track changes
  • Keeping a flexible work schedule
  • Proofreading hard copy documents [local only, northern Birmingham, AL]
  • Timely turnaround and reasonable rates